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What you want to know?

Do you want to learn the best pushing techniques to save energy and go further for longer?


Can you deal with negotiating over that pot hole in the path, and the camber sending you into the road?


Do you want to learn how to back wheel balance?


Can you manage to open that big heavy shop glass door independently?


I can teach you how to negotiate rough terrain, ascend and descend kerbs safely, push along the path dealing with the camber sending you sideways, get over those raised obstacles that hit your front casters adn slow you down, and much more. A list to all skills can be found here -

door - 1 kerb down 2 IMG_0479 gravel2 - Copy To the Skills.

Freedom Wheelchair skills teaches everyday skills and techniques so people can get the most out of using a wheelchair and over come these everyday challenges.

Kerbs Ramps Slopes and Steps Camber Correct Pushing And More.... One Handed Pushing