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The aim of Freedom Wheelchair Skills training is to show people how to overcome everyday environmental challenges, become more confident and less dependent on others.

I can teach essential skills to most manual wheelchair users, and advanced skills depending upon an individual's ability*. For those needing more support in using their wheelchair at home, check out the 'Out & About sessions' link below.


If there are skills you wish to learn which are not listed, I'd be happy to discuss.

There is always some risk involved in using a wheelchair and practicing these skills. All safety aspects associated with each skill are thoroughly highlighted during teaching.



*All skills listed are to enable the wheelchair user to be more independent. There will be some skills that won’t be appropriate for all depending on an individual’s personal ability.

Essential skills

Advanced skills

Basic Skills Advanced Skills

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Getting the most out of pushing techniques, forwards and backwards, saving wear and tear on shoulders, being more energy efficient and  being able to travel further for longer. Safe turning techniques in confined spaces and using aids to assist with turning.  Flicking up front castors to negotiate small obstacles. Back wheel balancing. Mounting and descending kerbs assisted or unassisted. Negotiating thresholds. Safe slope ascent and descent. Managing rough terrain and different surfaces i.e. grass or gravel. Descending several steps at once.

Out & About sessions